About the Trust for Conservation Innovation

When you are planning innovative strategies to boldly achieve systemic, sustainable social change there is no time to waste. You need a clear and straight path to scalable and replicable impact. For many social change agents, early start-up or seed support can come from foundations and major donors, most of whom require a reputable, independently audited 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization to receive and steward the funds.

That’s where T4CI comes into play.  We serve as a well-respected, cost-effective, efficient nonprofit home to a select portfolio of approximately 50 projects who are bringing world-changing, planet-saving ideas to market. Once approved as a T4CI project, you get a fast-track to 501c3 status coupled with flexible, adaptable, cost-effective support as a backbone for your success.

Beyond conservation.

We are proud that the projects operating under our umbrella are leading change throughout the world, creating strong mission-based outcomes locally, regionally, nationally and internationally with support from foundations, corporations, individual donors and many other types of funding. 

T4CI supports a wide variety of nonprofit programs in areas as diverse as energy efficiency and urban infrastructure, habitat and species conservation, marine and fisheries conservation, sustainable food systems and agriculture, sustainable technology, social and economic equity, and education, outreach and advocacy that helps our planet.

We feel your pain.

Setting up and running a nonprofit isn’t just expensive, it’s time-consuming, and complex. The legal and filing fees associated with creating bylaws and articles of incorporation, forming a state nonprofit, and applying for IRS tax-exemption can cost upward of $20,000. Then, the months-long waiting begins for final IRS approval while you invest more time and expense in setting up an IRS-compliant back-office infrastructure. Upon approval, you’ll be a 501(c)3, but instead of focusing on bringing your programs to scale, you’ll be consumed by expense accounting, insurance, audits, board meetings, payroll processing and myriad other administrative and operational requirements. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Momentum…right from the start.

There is a smarter, faster and more cost-effective approach designed to put you ahead of the pack. With T4CI, entrepreneurs with great ideas can gain access to philanthropic funds without having to go through the hassle and delays associated with forming a nonprofit. Qualified projects can become part of our portfolio in as few as 3-4 weeks from first inquiry. Upon approval, projects automatically have 501c3 tax status to begin applying for funds and approaching major donors for program support. 

Your mission is our mission.

T4CI accelerates impact for initiatives focused on protecting and fostering a healthy, sustainable, resilient and equitable world.  We start with your vision and passion, combine it with decades of nonprofit leadership and expertise, and then add a suite of tailored marketing, fundraising, leadership and administrative capacity-building supports designed to rapidly bring new nonprofit programs to market, amplify outcomes and drive impact.

We do more to help you drive impact.

Our nonprofit and capacity-building experts work side-by-side with you to inject additional senior-level thought partnership and advisory support as you build out your programs. You’ll have immediate access to time-tested financial, human resources, and operational systems designed to safeguard your funding and ensure compliance with complex nonprofit laws while you focus on programs and raising funds.    You’ll also have access to a full toolkit of fundraising, media, and leadership resources designed accelerate your ability to grow your programs, team and reputation while boldly achieving measurable, replicable and scalable impact.

T4CI helps you:

Learn more about how to become a T4CI project or make a tax-deductible gift to one of our projects today.