About the Trust for Conservation Innovation

What We Do

The Trust for Conservation Innovation (T4CI) helps environmental leaders fulfill their visions by providing nonprofit status and fiscal sponsorship services for innovative conservation projects. Because we take care of the financial, administrative, and legal aspects of managing a nonprofit for you, you can focus on what's really important — your mission.

As fiscal sponsors, we provide structure for your vision:

  • An administrative infrastructure so that your project can start up and focus immediately on strategy and programs.
  • Tax-exempt nonprofit status so you can get the type of funding you need.
  • A comprehensive suite of back-office support and consultation services, along with the assurance that your project is adhering to current legal and financial regulations.
"Having a fiscal sponsor who can effectively fulfill so many of the support and accounting functions is huge for us because we can just focus on the work at hand."—Kevin Starr, Founder and Director of the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program

Who We Are

Our team focuses exclusively on conservation and sustainability projects. We have a broad range of experience managing environmental nonprofits and providing a structure for environmental leaders to build on. Because we only accept a select group of projects, we have the time to offer you prompt, personalized attention, customized solutions, and the support services you really need, so you are free to do what you do best: Lead. Fulfill your vision. Grow.

Working under our umbrella and sharing resources with other projects is a cost-effective solution whether you are just starting out, or you are not in a position to incorporate as a nonprofit organization. T4CI can manage a wide range of legal and administrative issues as you move towards your goal. You can be confident that we have the skills and expertise to handle any issues you encounter, quickly and efficiently.

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Who We Help

The Alto Purus River and tributary

T4CI supports a wide variety of initiatives in areas as diverse as energy efficiency and urban infrastructure, habitat and species conservation, marine and fisheries conservation, sustainable food systems and agriculture, sustainable technology, and environmental education, outreach and advocacy. T4CI projects are creating strong mission-based outcomes locally, regionally, nationally and internationally with support from foundations, corporations, individual donors and many other types of funding, and we accept and help more projects like these every year. You can help our projects succeed by making a donation today.

Our History

California Environmental Associates, a San Francisco-based environmental consulting firm, created the Trust for Conservation Innovation in 2002 as a nonprofit alternative in the marketplace for low-cost, high-value fiscal sponsorship services to other nonprofit projects. T4CI has grown significantly since 2002, and we are continuing to look for new opportunities to help environmental visionaries accomplish their goals.

Do you have a project that's right for T4CI? We want to know. Learn more about our services and how T4CI can help, or find out how to become a T4CI project.