T4CI Services

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Fiscal Sponsorship

As a fiscal sponsor, the Trust for Conservation Innovation (T4CI) provides structure for your vision — a shared platform of support services for our projects under the umbrella of our 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. This comprehensive suite of services supports the financial, human resources, compliance, reporting and administration needs of many different kinds of environmental projects with a diverse range of funding sources.

Learn more about fiscal sponsorship or find out how to become a T4CI project.

Financial and Accounting Services

T4CI manages all aspects of project revenues and expenditures, including cash flow and budgeting. Our staff is accustomed to working with projects who are doing international work involving multiple currencies.

"Working with T4CI has been great – it’s my first time being an executive director, and it’s been nice having a steady hand on the wheel to help with back office issues and allow me to focus on building the program."—Kurt Shickman, Executive Director of Global Cool Cities Alliance

Revenue and Funds Management

  • Accept and process all types of revenue: foundation grants, government grants and contracts, fee for service consulting fees, tax-deductible contributions, stock donations, online donations, in-kind donations, membership fees, registration fees and conference fees.
  • Manage grants/contracts receivable.
  • Manage billing, invoicing and accounts receivable.
  • Review and execute financial contracts and agreements.

Expenses Management

  • Record and follow up on all expenses from vendors, credit cards, etc.
  • Make payments either by check or wire transfer.
  • Record all invoices and disbursements in a financial accounting system.

Cash Flow Management

  • Monitor and manage incoming/outgoing cash flow.
  • Provide cash flow projections.
  • Provide credit cards as necessary.

Receipts Processing

  • Accept and process secure online donations.
  • Accept and process cash, stock, and in-kind donations.
  • Process and record receipts.
  • Process and record bank deposits.
  • Send contribution and donation acknowledgment letters.

Budget Monitoring and Review

  • Review annual budgets.
  • Provide actual vs. budgeted reporting.
  • Provide support and analysis for budget revisions and projections.

Grants/Contracts Management

We provide end-to-end support for both foundation and government grants management, from reviewing grant proposals to working with projects to ensure compliance with grant agreements, budgets, and financial reporting.

Foundation Grants

  • Review grant proposals.
  • Provide legal review and oversight of grant agreements.
  • Ensure compliance with grant agreements, budgets, and financial reporting.
  • Notify projects about approaching grant application deadlines.
  • Provide documentation for grant support.

Government Grants/Contracts

  • Review applications.
  • Provide legal review and oversight of agreements/contracts.
  • Ensure compliance with agreements/contracts, budgets, and financial reporting.
  • Notify projects about approaching grant application deadlines.
  • Manage financial reporting for reimbursable grants/contracts.
  • Provide support for government audits.

HR Management and Payroll

T4CI offers a complete suite of personnel and benefits administration services:

Employment Administration

  • New hire processing
  • Offer letters
  • Personnel policies and employee handbooks
  • Termination processing
  • Personnel records and documentation maintenance
  • Federal and state regulatory compliance
  • HR risk management
  • Employee relations consultation


  • Payroll processing
  • Benefits plan design and purchasing
  • Benefits administration and management
  • Retirement plan administration and management
  • COBRA facilitation

Tax, Audit and Government Compliance Services

T4CI’s financial statements and processes are audited by an independent firm to provide your organization the assurance that your financial reports are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP). We have a distinct committee on our Board of Directors that is responsible for overseeing this audit process.

We also engage a nonprofit accounting firm to prepare our tax returns to ensure that we are compliant with all applicable federal and state tax regulations. We interface with governmental regulators on all inquiries and audit issues.

These services provide you with the confidence that your finances are being properly reflected, thus increasing your credibility with existing and potential donors.

General Administrative Support

T4CI provides an array of standard and customized administrative management services:

  • Contracts review and administration
  • Insurance (liability, property, and workers compensation) management and claim administration
  • Grant awards
  • Risk management support and access to legal counsel as necessary
  • Development of policies and procedures

Organizational Development and Consulting

Managing a nonprofit can be difficult, challenging, and sometimes lonely work. As a part the T4CI organization, you will have access to our advisory board consultation services and informal management assistance services. You'll have an experienced sounding board to help you understand critical issues and brainstorm solutions with you.

T4CI will help you strengthen and develop your organization's infrastructure with the following services:

  • Advisory board development and management training
  • Spinning checklist readiness assessment (for projects who wish to prepare for independence)
  • Relationship referrals
    • funding sources
    • spinning resources (legal)
    • grant writers
    • board mentors
    • marketing professionals
    • website development

Project Relations

All of our projects receive personal, prompt, and responsive service. Your contact at T4CI will check in with you regularly to ensure that you are reaping the full benefits of being a T4CI project. We review quarterly (or, if warranted, monthly) financial reports with all of our projects, and larger projects with advanced needs receive customized reporting. All of our staff members have years of experience developing nonprofits and supporting environmental visionaries. We know when a bit of extra assistance will make a big difference, and when to just step back and let you focus on your vision.

Fee Structure

T4CI offers a competitive fee structure that compares favorably with our competition. In exchange for tax-exempt nonprofit status and all of T4CI's financial, administrative, grant management, and HR services, projects pay T4CI 9% of the revenue they generate (14% of revenue from government or international sources). This percentage is a flat fee that includes all of our services – no hidden budgetary surprises down the line.

Find out how to become a T4CI project.