The T4CI Advantage

One of the biggest challenges in starting a new nonprofit is a lack of time and resources. Nonprofit leaders often find that the day-to-day tasks of administration and governance take valuable time away from their core mission. Plus, as a small nonprofit, it's difficult to get up to speed on all the things you need to do to thrive: fundraising, grantwriting, leadership and communications and marketing. T4CI provides an alternative to investing the time, talent and bandwidth to do everything yourself.

  • Nonprofit status from day 1. Upon approval as a T4CI project, you have immediate access to IRS 501(c)3 tax exemption and can begin soliciting and receiving charitable contributions right away.
  • Shared mission. Your mission is integral to our mission, and we help you achieve it in tangible ways that extend far beyond a traditional fiscal sponsor’s role.
  • No gatekeepers. Our full team of skilled nonprofit advisors is directly accessible to you. As your extended team, we stand alongside you helping to build your capacity, strengthen outcomes, and drive impact. 
  • Not your grandmother’s nonprofit. Our operational and administrative backbone leverages current technology to drive efficiency in key areas like expense and time reporting, media outreach, leadership tools, and more.
  • Work at the leading edge of innovation. Social entrepreneurs seeking philanthropic funds tap into us in many ways – kick-starter, backbone, asset protector, coalition builder, grant maker, and more.  We also creatively serve as the nonprofit part of hybrid models for social good.

    Our core team has decades of experience developing nonprofits and supporting changemakers and working alongside you, we add depth and breadth your team. Every project operating under our umbrella – no matter the size – receives personal and responsive service tailored to meet its unique needs. We know when a boost from our team can make a big difference, and we also know when to step back and cheer you on.

    Ready to learn how to become one of our projects? Find out about our easy, three-step process.