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TWe’re committed to being responsive and review new applications on a rolling basis. The timeline from first inquiry through due diligence to final project approval is usually 3-4 weeks total.

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You can also copy and paste the application questions below directly into your e-mail application.

Trust for Conservation Innovation (T4CI) Project Application Form

Contact Information

Date :
Contact Name :
Project Name :
Contact Address :
City, State, Zip :
Contact E-mail :
Contact phone/fax :

Executive Summary

Summary: Please provide a one-page summary that describes your project. Include your mission, purpose, goals, and objectives.

Project Need: What is the environmental problem or need that your project addresses? How did you determine the need for this project (why is it important)?

Project Details

  1. Strategy/Objectives: What is your initial strategy for achieving your mission and how will you carry it out? How much money will a successful outcome require and how will the funds be used (a detailed budget is requested in the Additional Documentation section). List the objectives of the project (Objectives are outcomes that are measurable,  time-specific and more narrowly defined than a mission or purpose). Please specify if your project intends to engage in lobbying or political activities.
  2. Uniqueness: What makes your project unique? What distinguishes it from other related efforts? How will your project interact and collaborate with other similar efforts?
  3. Fundraising: Describe your fundraising strategy. How will you raise the initial funds needed for your project budget and support your organization? Include a list of any existing or confirmed funding.
  4. Diversity of Funding: How do you plan to diversify your funding sources over time? (Examples: membership fees, workshop fees, publication income, consulting, etc.)
  5. Expectations: Why do you want to use a fiscal sponsor? What Trust for Conservation Innovation services do you plan to use in the first year? In the next 2-5 years?
  6. Qualifications: What makes you uniquely qualified to lead this project? Describe the leadership and overall organizational structure, including the role of staff members, advisory board, and steering committee if applicable.
  7. Legalities: Is your organization currently bound by any existing legal contracts? Are you planning to enter into any legal arrangements?
  8. Other: Please provide any other additional information that you think may help us evaluate your project.

Additional Documentation

Please provide the following:

  1. A detailed annual budget that includes the expected revenue and expenses for the first two years
  2. Resumes and references for the leadership and key staff
  3. Bios for your Advisory Board
  4. Any other information that may be helpful (articles, brochures, etc.)

Email completed application to:

Questions? Please contact Laura Deaton at 415.421.3774, ext 10 or