Donations to Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative facilitates faith communities sharing models to produce and access healthy, local food and build a more sustainable food system by providing resources to help committed congregations expand their work The project facilitates policy activism by connecting congregations to educational resources and timely advocacy opportunities. The group's focus on sustainable food systems encompasses soil and water protection, social justice, market development and access to governmental food aid programs. The ISFC broadens the base of the sustainable agriculture movement by building bridges between faith and farming communities. The Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative empowers congregations to develop programs through networking, technical assistance and financial assistance.

ISFC develops 'how to' resources, and professional technical assistance to implement a range of practices to connect congregants with sustainable food systems in a manner that amplifies faith practice. The project will provide personnel, in the form of volunteers and interns, and direct financing in the form of mini-grants to start-up projects among congregations to improve food access. The Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative is developing a 'tool kit' to increase food access for congregations, seminaries, camps and retreat centers. This will highlight successful projects and lessons learned from faith groups in the region.