Donations to Envaya are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Envaya is dedicated to creating software to empower community-based organizations (CBOs) around the world that are focused on the environment, poverty relief, health, education, local economic development, and community well-being. Envaya gives these CBOs tools to showcase their projects, utilizing both cellphones and computers, and to better communicate with one another, grant makers and governments. In addition, Envaya provides grant makers, governments and donors better tools to identify, fund, and monitor CBOs.

In May, 2010, Envaya started its pilot program in Tanzania, where it has been enthusiastically received. Usable technology for the numerous civil society organizations (CSOs) in Tanzania has been sorely lacking, and Envaya's recently launched tools have already made a meaningful difference in bringing grassroots CSOs onto the Internet.

Envaya is launching an online project reporting system in a partnership with The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), one of Tanzania's largest civil society support organizations. FCS grantee organizations will be able to submit project reports electronically and publish their reports on their Envaya websites. Fully accessible and visible to outside visitors, this system represents a tremendous step forward for transparency in international development.

Envaya is currently planning their expansion to other countries in East Africa and elsewhere around the world.


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