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The Challenge: Groundwater polluted with poultry and livestock waste. Fisheries damaged by fertilizer runoff. Health risks borne by rural communities exposed to pesticides and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Urban poverty and “food deserts” – entire communities with no access to fresh fruit and vegetables for their families. Children facing a 1 in 3 chance of developing diabetes in their lifetime. Skyrocketing obesity. Let’s face it. Industrial agriculture, factory farming, and our over-processed food system are harming our health and our environment. 

The Urgency: Even with immediate intervention, these harms are already spreading to our future generations.  Our farming and food systems are at a crossroads—a critical inflection point—and must transform or we risk irreversible damage to public health and the environment. Better alternatives do exist, but implementing them requires a paradigm shift that includes public awareness and involvement, open dialogue that shares and fosters alternative and diverse perspectives on food and farming, and new technology and pilot programs that convert ideas into action.

Picture a future where efficient and effective local and regional sustainable food and farming systems blanket the U.S. and provide and abundance of healthy, nutritious food to all people, regardless of who they are, how much money they make, or where they live. Our aim is to make that a reality.

Our Mission: Change Food’s mission is to foster and promote sustainable food and farming systems so that all people have access to healthy, nutritious food.  Our goals include:

  1. Changing the way we think about food and farming to achieve our vision.
  2. Increasing public awareness about the need for a sustainable food and farming movement.
  3. Creating opportunities for networking and collaboration around sustainable food and farming initiatives.
  4. Exposing key influencers and funders outside the movement to innovative food and farming ideas.
  5. Converting these thoughts and ideas into actionable outcomes.

Our  Leadership: Diane Hatz is the founder and executive director of Change Food, the former founder and director of The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming, and prior to that, founder and director of Sustainable Table. She was also Executive Producer of the award-winning, critically acclaimed, animated films The MeatrixThe Meatrix II: Revolting, and The Meatrix II ½ and the founder of the Eat Well Guide, an online consumer directory of sustainably-raised meat and dairy products in the United States and Canada.

Our Work:  The first project of Change Food is a series of annual events and activities that culminate in a one-day annual gathering at TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat.”  Together these events and activities are designed to address all five of the above goals. In its fourth successful (and sold out) year, TEDxManhattan, “Changing the Way We Eat” will take place on March 1st, 2014, at the TimesCenter in New York City, featuring a dynamic and diverse group of sustainable food and farming movement change agents and entrepreneurs.  This independently organized TEDx event leverages the popular TED conference style to engage a wider audience by highlighting bold sustainable food and farming initiatives from around the country. The event is complemented by a full menu of related networking and education events - some as Change Food; some as TEDxManhattan - including post event Adventures, videos of all talks, discussion guides/teaching materials to go with videos of the talks, Salons that address needs within the food movement, and educational DVDs of TEDxManhattan.

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