ShadowView Foundation

Donations to ShadowView Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Mission of the ShadowView Foundation is to provide effective and efficient unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) to conservation organizations who are battling to protect our natural environment.

 The Urgency

  • In South Africa, home to 80% of Africa’s rhinos, slaughter by poachers has reached an all time high. Without a way to stop these international crime syndicates, deaths will soon outnumber births, and place this already critically-endangered species at risk of extinction.
  • In  Asia, the black market demand for tiger products continues to flourish in spite of laws banning their use and trade.  The combined effect of poaching and habitat destruction continue to endanger these majestic cats, with more tigers now in captivity than in the wild.
  • Across the globe, human population growth and related habitat loss and climate change are a significant threat to entire ecosystems - not only placing animals like polar bears, elephants, and orangutans in jeopardy, but also endangering once-abundant species of birds, fish, and plants.

 Our Challenge

Without a strong plan to protect endangered species and preserve biodiverse ecological habitats, our planet’s health, both now and for future generations, is at risk. With this sense of urgency in mind, conservation organizations are leading myriad local, regional, national and international conservation efforts designed to:

  •  Protect our planet, and it’s most threatened plants and animals,
  • Stop poaching and illegal trade of products made from endangered animal and plant species, and
  • Reduce the impact of population growth, habitat loss and climate change on our ecosystems.

 What We Do

ShadowView Foundation partners with conservation organizations to provide effective, low cost aerial surveillance and monitoring capability. Our specially-designed UAVs are equipped with cameras, heat vision and GPS navigation systems that are designed to detect, record images and data, which can be used immediately or archived for later use. Because our UAVs can safely navigate in areas where human travel is either dangerous, difficult to traverse, or would disturb/disrupt fragile ecosystems, our UAVs can be used for a variety of conservation initiatives including:

  • documenting and providing evidence to support the prosecution of wildlife crimes
  • preventing boats from encroaching on protected marine areas
  • geo-mapping for monitoring landscape changes
  • monitoring land and sea-based migratory patterns
  • tracking and assessing damage from natural disasters

 Who We Are

Founded by seasoned international conservationists, ShadowView Foundation is a Dutch nonprofit organization. In the United States, ShadowView Foundation is a fiscally-sponsored project of the Trust for Conservation Innovation (TCI). Tax-deductible contributions recieved by TCI are re-granted to the ShadowView Foundation to support their work piloting non-military, safe, and cost-effective use of this innovative technology within the environmental sector.

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