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Californians for a Healthy & Green Economy (CHANGE) is a growing coalition of 37 environmental health and justice, policy, labor, reproductive health, and other public interest organizations who are working to create a better system for regulating toxic chemicals in California. We work together to: eliminate the use of toxic chemicals that end up in our environment and bodies; engage and empower the most at-risk communities to speak out against the use of chemicals linked to cancer and other environmental-related diseases.


The incidence of chronic diseases like asthma, non-tobacco related cancers, and reproductive problems has been on the rise. Science has increasingly linked these health problems to the widespread use of chemicals and their prevalence in our environment. Yet, our laws do not adequately protect the public from these toxics.


CHANGE is fighting for meaningful policies both in California and nationwide to address the issue of toxic chemicals. We will succeed when the public has access to information and participation, laws take immediate action on the most dangerous chemicals and holds the chemical industry responsible for the safety, creation and disposal of their chemicals and products. We also work with progressive businesses to innovate safer alternatives and products for a healthier and more sustainable economy in California.


As a coalition, we embolden public participation and relationship building. CHANGE sustains an ongoing structure for statewide collaboration between grassroots groups and policy experts working on crosscutting social justice issues including environmental, reproductive and economic justice. We also work closely with other local, state and national coalitions and unions working at the intersection of social justice and toxic chemicals. 


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