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Our Goal

Sane Energy Project works to stop the expansion of hydrofracked shale gas and fossil fuel infrastructure and to encourage, instead, a rapid transition to renewable energy. We oppose the development, transport and export of shale gas and tar sands oil; mountaintop removal mining for coal; nuclear energy; and all forms of extreme extraction. We support a complete transition to renewable energy and zero fossil fuel dependence, as outlined in the 2009 Stanford University study on shifting the world to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030.

The Urgency

Climate change is upon us and we are dangerously close to irreversible tipping points that can only be avoided by a stark reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. International climate talks are mired in “too little/too late” negotiations, and the United States has adapted an “all of the above” policy that relies on shale gas as a “transition” fuel, as well as false technologies such as “clean coal.” Disastrous practices such as deep water drilling continue. These policies and practices pose a grave threat to the environment, to public health, and to our climate.

Our Solutions

Sane Energy Project promotes education and action around five main issues:

1) The encroaching network of shale gas infrastructure that threatens local communities in New York State, as well as our climate: We are the primary group tracking and reporting on these networks (which incude pipelines, LNG storage facilities, export terminals, and hydrofracking support services), and we create alliances between affected communities to oppose them.

2) The danger that fracking poses to our foodshed: Through the Food Not Fracking campaign, we educate citizens about the risks fracking poses to our food supply. We  promote an economy based on healthy, local food.

3) The danger of radon in shale gas: We developed the Citizen Radon Test Program to monitor kitchen radon in New York City. This is an ongoing program, now being adopted by other municipalities. We were a prime mover in the drafting of a bill that has been introduced in the New York State legislature that will require utilities to monitor and mitigate radon in shale gas delivered to consumers.

4) The illogic of converting boilers to shale gas: We believe that focusing on carbon emissions, while critical, masks the threat from methane, a much more potent greenhouse gas. New York City policy encourages boiler conversions to shale gas, increasing the risks of air and water pollution from regional fracking, as well as sea level rise from methane-induced climate change. Sane Energy Project meets with co-op and condo owners in New York to explain sustainable options for boiler conversions

5)  Doubts about the feasiblity of converting to renewables: We want the public to understand that renewable energy is not a pipe dream; it’s happening now and is the only sane energy future. We have created a series of panel discussions and screenings, including the ReNEW New York series, Sane Energy Solutions, and the Inspirations film series. Topics have ranged from solar and wind power to Passive House construction, electric cars, boiler conversions and biodiesel. We are a member of  the American Clean Energy Agenda (ACEA).

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