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Gulf Wild Institute seeks to conserve marine resources through sustainable fishing practices, community education, and research that informs public policy and seafood sustainability. Our model of work revolves around the premise that stewardship of our marine resources will lead to ecological and economic stability for the fishery as a whole. We are commercial fishermen engaged in fisherman-led conservation and industry-led innovation to achieve sustainability of both resources and businesses.

Gulf Wild Institute is designed to put commercial fishermen on the cutting edge of resource management. Through our leadership, community outreach, and education, we will strive to achieve an exchange of ideas between US regional fisheries, and design cooperative research projects to improve accuracy and availability of fisheries data. We will be informing the entire seafood supply chain, from the fisherman forward to the end consumer; of the crucial impact conservation measures have on the health and longevity of the seafood industry.

To conserve marine resources through sustainable fishing practices, community education and accurate research that informs public policy.


  • Education: Educate decision makers in the community, and achieve an exchange of ideas between fishermen.
  • Research: Cooperative research projects to improve accuracy and availability of fisheries data, and inform public policy positions that strengthen the health of commercial fisheries.
  • Conservation: Work with innovators in the commercial fishing and seafood supply chain industries to ensure key technologies are tested and implemented for the future health of our oceans.


Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders' Alliance: The Alliance is focused on unifying and strengthening the reef fish industry, and achieving sustainability and accountabilty through the use of individual fishing quotas to manage the catch.  Members strive to conserve fish by reducing bycatch, protecting the marine environment and improving safety. Learn more about Shareholders' Alliance.

Gulf Wild: Gulf Wild has set the standard for genuine, responsibly-caught and safety tested seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf Wild's uniquely numbered gill tag on every Gulf Wild fish tracks who harvested the fish, from where, and at what port the fish landed. The Gulf Wild label ensures that GulfWild grouper, snapper, and other seafood came from a well-monitored and continuously improving fishery under innovative catch share management plans. Learn more about Gulf Wild.



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