Donations to Climate Communities International are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Climate Communities International (CCI) is an international nonprofit that facilitates the development of coordinated local networks to solve social and environmental issues related to climate change. CCI builds “climate communities” in developing countries around local stakeholder climate-change priorities and anchors them in local universities.

The challenge of combatting global climate change requires our best minds and resources, as well as locally-driven solutions. Meeting the challenge will require strong partnerships among communities facing the direct impacts of climate change, and better connections between these communities and available resources around the world. In order to make the most effective use of these resources and catalyze sustainable change, strong local institutions and organizations are needed to leverage local knowledge, inform solutions, and drive action.

CCI identifies the concerns of local stakeholders, supports advancement of local expertise in developing countries, and builds cross-border partnerships that support climate change solutions over the long term. Effective and collaborative programs are a key strategy of CCI to link international climate change expertise and resources with local social capital and institutional strengths.


CCI starts by collaborating with university faculty and students to identify pressing climate change concerns, analyze programmatic strengths, and assess opportunities to catalyze local stakeholder action. University-CCI partnerships create action plans to expand expertise and increase community leadership on climate issues. CCI supports climate community development by facilitating activities locally and globally that leverage peer-to-peer learning across country boarders to build on best practices.

In developing countries, CCI is a program designer and advisor – working with community institutions and organizations to assess unique strengths and identify specific goals.

  • CCI develops climate communities to catalyze the development of local networks to unite organizations and institutions, and strengthen local climate mitigation and adaptation activities.
  • CCI connects university faculty and students with international experts and peers at other universities and provides support for curricula, projects, and training to build climate change expertise. 
  • CCI fosters hands-on community experience for students by developing partnerships with local project implementers. 
  • CCI builds channels through which universities can provide community leadership – for example, through public and professional seminars, advising government agencies, and assisting local entrepreneurs. 
  • CCI provides real-world opportunities for learning through joint initiatives that marry progressive international climate adaptation and mitigation solutions with local experience and understanding.

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