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The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions connects leading conservation groups that work with businesses representing over 80% of the North American grocery and food-service markets.


In 2008, businesses were just getting started with sustainable seafood. That year, the Conservation Alliance released the Common Vision, a roadmap with six steps companies can take to develop and implement sustainable seafood policies. Today, 15 of the top 20 North American retailers have made commitments to buy and sell sustainable seafood. They are now working closely with Conservation Alliance groups to fulfill these commitments, which include tracing seafood to where it was caught or farmed and working with suppliers to get fisheries and farms to make improvements.

The Conservation Alliance recognizes that many of the barriers to seafood sustainability are too big for any single group to solve. We believe that steady progress on businesses' sustainable seafood commitments now will mean healthier oceans can deliver a stable supply of seafood for decades to come. We welcome the participation of new organizations that share our goal of helping businesses make progress on their commitments to sustainable seafood. 

About Our Members

Members of the Conservation Alliance are North American nonprofit conservation organizations that work on sustainable seafood issues. Learn more about our members.

Download a full report on our work, "Business Commitments to Sustainable Seafood: Success Stories and Lessons Learned"


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