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Resilient by Design brings together local residents, public officials and local, national and international experts to develop innovative solutions to the issues brought on by climate change that our region faces today.

In a yearlong challenge, teams of engineers, architects, designers and other experts will work alongside community members to identify critical areas throughout the Bay Area and propose exciting, new, community-based solutions that will strengthen our region’s resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, flooding and earthquakes.

The result will be 10 new implementable projects that offer an imaginative approach to resilience by not just taking on protecting our shoreline, but by seizing the critical need to address climate change as an opportunity to bring about a stronger, safer Bay for everyone to enjoy. Resilient by Design projects will consider and address a wide range of issues like increasing shoreline access, addressing housing and economic disparities, preserving the health of the bay and protecting our communities.

The Bay Area is often looked to as the most innovative region in the world, and the Resilient by Design: Bay Area Challenge will harness that same spirit. At the center of our collective sense of place, the San Francisco Bay defines our quality of life, drives our economy, and connects communities throughout our diverse region. Its residents lead the world in new innovations that address our modern and changing planet, finding solutions for today’s large-scale, complex problems.

Harnessing this inventive spirit coupled with our region’s constant drive for progress, the challenge will lay the groundwork to continue building preparedness and resilience critical to the Bay’s future and our communities’ quality of life. This process will yield a wealth of new knowledge and understanding about issues unique to our region, and can be shared to inspire similar efforts throughout the world.

Resilient by Design launches on May 31st of 2017 in our local communities to bring innovation and collaboration together to tackle one of our region’s most pressing issues. Led by the local Resilient by Designteam, ten critical sites around the Bay will be selected and matched with selected interdisciplinary Design Teams made up of world-class experts. Each Design Team will undergo a process that will bring together local knowledge and international expertise by connecting community leaders, residents, local government officials, and businesses with experts in engineering, planning, architecture, design and science from around the world.  

The process, By Design will ensure that we don’t just address technical aspects of climate change and infrastructure, but also how people are affected by sea level rise. Teams must take into consideration the natural and built environment, the people who live and work in our communities, their relationship to other cities and the myriad of other social and economic issues. Resilient by Design is based on the proven model, Rebuild by Design, that brought innovative solutions to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut following Hurricane Sandy.

With the Resilient by Design challenge, we aren’t just waiting for something to happen. We are acting now to build strong communities ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. More importantly, the challenge will lay the groundwork for our communities to continue working to address complex issues together long after the final site designs are presented with a new set of tools, resources and best practices.

Shira Bezalel, San Francisco Estuary Institute+ Shira Bezalel, San Francisco Estuary Institute

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