Changing the Local Food System, One Garden at a Time

Farmscape Foundation is the nonprofit and philanthropic arm of Farmscape. Our goal is to beautify communities by reclaiming abandoned lots and turning them into community gardens and urban farms that local residents can use as their own personal backyard gardening space.

Farmscape Foundation has two areas of focus:

Community Gardens

At Farmscape, we believe that everyone, no matter where they live, and no matter how much money they earn, should have access to space where they can grow their own fruits and vegetables. To this end, we are constantly on the lookout for abandoned publically and privately owned lots that we can turn into beautiful gardens for the surrounding community.

Once we identify a lot, we will work with the local planning officials and neighbors to turn the space into a community garden/orchard. Farmscape Foundation pays for the cost to build the garden, and we offer affordable, sliding-scale cost garden bed leases to the community.

Committed to success: After we build the garden, we stay committed to the cause. For every project we work on, we commit three years to paying the costs for the project, including insurance, water, and maintenance. During this time, we work closely with the local community on a sustainable succession plan, which will enable the garden to thrive long after our three-year commitment has passed.

If you know of public or private land that you would like for us to evaluate for a Farmscape Foundation community garden, contact us.

Healthcare/Senior Living Facilities

We believe that food produced in local gardens is medicine. We also believe that the act of gardening is therapeutic, builds friendships, and gives people a sense of purpose.

Farmscape Foundation seeks to build gardens in healthcare settings, so that cafeterias and kitchens can use the freshest, healthiest ingredients in the food served to patients and staff. We look for opportunities to build gardens in a variety of healthcare settings. In senior living communities, we build accessible gardens for the residents to work in and enjoy, and we offer free gardening and cooking classes as part of our program.

Let us know if you feel your healthcare facility would be a good fit for a Farmscape Foundation garden.


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