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AgArts seeks to create and support a dynamic and positive action toward a sustainable future by supporting, promoting, and engaging artistic work that draws its material from the agricultural world. We plan to do this in a number of ways, with the goal of educating, entertaining, provoking thought, and transforming people and communities in a positive way in their relationships to and within our food system.

Content and Activities

The national AgArts organization will support, through its organizational outreach as well as direct sponsorship, visual, literary, multimedia, and performing artists addressing agricultural and food-related issues in their work, with a focus on excellence and innovation.
AgArts will facilitate the presentation of powerful arts experiences, including developing an awards program that allows the commissioning of yet to be produced works.

  • AgArts will provide an annual or bi-annual forum for the exhibition of artistic work by farmers, agronomists, chefs, gardeners, horticulturalists, and others who strive to incorporate the creative arts and the complex work of human agriculture, including a workshopping component that allows practitioners to meet and get to know each other.
  • AgArts will serve as a clearinghouse and resource for those seeking information and education about arts and agriculture.
  • AgArts will work with educational institutions at all levels to bring ideas about food and agriculture into arts education (and vice versa).
  • AgArts will develop a funding channel and/or funding ideas/templates for agriculturally-focused artists.

Structure and Distribution Channel
AgArts seeks to develop a national network of institutions and venues to be partners in content creation and presentation. Many forms of art begin locally, but their impact is broadened and enhanced by a network of venues, stages, and screens. These may be found in colleges, universities, town halls, institutes, historical commissions, museums, public greens, and other places where communities gather. A membership network will make it possible for AgArts to rapidly gain access to venues and communities, and these communities, in turn, will be able to efficiently tap into a network of AgArts content.

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