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Donations to Piggy Bank are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Piggy Bank is committed to improving the state of the heritage pig industry by building a genetic sanctuary that enables responsive solutions and open access. Piggy Bank will be able to improve the education and knowledge required by its’ core market through helping farmers achieve success and enable the capabilities and systems required to succeed. The purpose of our project is to provide an open forum, where the public will have access to information on all heritage breed pigs and free access to business plans written by other farmers. We want to have information available, to have farmers sharing with each other to help benefit the food system, to help change the future of our food and provide a better, safer option.


There's no clear path or easily accessible information for small family farmers. No access to business plans, starting points are fragmented and genetics are costly.


Build a living genetic sanctuary for heritage breed pigs, create a business plan database for family farmers and sustain a platform for open-source agriculture.


Help us make a difference and make food safer for our youth. Contributions will be used to sustain the farm, and provide pigs to qualifying family farms and culinary schools.


  • A community working together on responsible farming practices. 
  • An online portal that shares hundreds of business plans with family farms.
  • A farm with a scientist managing an open source animal health module.
  • A sanctuary providing breeding stock to new farmers and farms in need.
  • A farm producing enough pigs to support 50 new farms a year. 
  • A database of heritage breeds tested, scored and published on a shared platform.
  • A content library, including online videos, marketing briefs and other digital assets. 
  • A completely transparent organization with budget and strategic process.
  • Help others establish aspiring sanctuaries such as Chicken Bank or Goat Bank.
  • To build a learning community that mimics our footsteps and avoids our mistakes.

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