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Our Mission

Catch Together partners with fishermen and fishing communities to make sustainable seafood impact investments. Our work strengthens fishing communities, cultivates leadership, ensures local fishery quota availability and supports fishery management improvements and ocean conservation.

Our Challenge

US fisheries are amongst the best-managed marine resources in the world, under a management strategy called “catch shares.” Catch shares allocate a right to harvest a specific percentage of a fishery's total catch to individuals, communities, or associations. While the catch share strategy has gained momentum, it has also resulted in the loss of fishing access to small-scale fishermen.  Catch Together will make catch share investments to ensure that catch shares work for fishermen and communities while also supporting long term stewardship of our ocean resources.

Our Goals

Catch Together’s goal is to work alongside fishermen and fishing communities to create permit banks that own fishing quota and ensure fishermens’ access to local marine resources.  Permit banks can generate cash flow to support local leadership and stewardship, and to fund ongoing management improvements.  We offer a range of services to support fishing leaders and permit banks committed to sustainable fishing practices and proactive fishery management:

  • Permit Bank Learning Hub and Toolkit: We provide a comprehensive online toolkit to guide community leaders in designing, launching, and managing permit bank strategies and operations.
  • Leadership Coaching: We provideone-on-one coaching to individuals and community organizations seeking to design and strengthen community permit banks.
  • Capital Investment Platform: We identify, evaluate, structure, and finance fishing quota transactions.  We support communities in managing and leasing fishing quota to support fishermen, fishery management, and local economic development.

Our Leadership

Catch Together was developed by Paul Parker and Kelly Wachowicz. Paul is based in Chatham, MA, and has been working in fisheries since 1997.  He joined with fishermen to found the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust (see, a non-profit seafood permit bank with an $8 million quota portfolio.  Paul worked as a crewman on jig, longline, gillnet, scallop and lobster boats from 1996-2011. 

Kelly is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has worked to structure fisheries investments in over 20 fisheries around the world (see for examples).  She comes to fisheries with 20 years of experience investing in forestry and real estate finance and asset management and with experience in local economic development. 



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