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T4CI welcomes MenloSpark!

usca32878The Trust for Conservation Innovation (T4CI) is pleased to announce that MenloSpark is now part of our community of projects focusing on Energy Efficiency & Urban Infrastructure! A Bay Area initiative, MenloSpark seeks to establish a zero net carbon dioxide pollution for all buildings, land uses, and vehicles originating in Menlo Park, CA. As the problems of climate change loom increasingly large in the future, Menlo Park and similar cities will eventually be required by state and national mandates to pursue more aggressive climate action. By being an early adopter, Menlo Park can create a test bed for innovation and ease its inevitable transition to a low- or zero-carbon economy.
MenloSpark’s dedication to environmental progress stems from their pride in the city’s civic heritage, and their desire to make Menlo Park a national leader in sustainability and climate action.

Learn more about MenloSpark’s mission and work by checking them out online at:
T4CI’s Profile Page
MenloSpark’s website

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I knew a couple of other groups that were working with TCI, and had heard that TCI had a personal approach and experience working with government grants. We also wanted a fiscal sponsor where fiscal sponsorship is the primary focus so that we would be a priority.

Steve Schwartz, Executive Director, Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative