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Project News Trifecta: Olazul, Zero Foodprint and Food Commons

iStock_000019152453_MediumIt’s always exciting when our projects are recognized for the innovative work they do.  This week brought a trifecta of good news.

On Tuesday, October 14th, Olazul was featured at National Geographic for their pioneering work on seaweed aquaculture as an option for creating sustainable ocean livelihoods that drive fishery reform. Olazul works with vulnerable fishing communities to create new ocean-based jobs that reduce poverty and support conservation. Learn more about Olazul.

On Thursday, October 16th, Zero Foodprint was recognized in an article on the front page of the SF Chronicle about the coming launch of The Perennial restaurant, which will be an laboratory for sustainable practices that drive environmental impact.  Co-Owner Anthony Myint serves on Zero Foodprint’s advisory board and is a driving force behind the project’s focus on helping restaurants reduce their carbon footprints. Learn more about Zero Foodprint.

Also on Thursday, Pete Russell, the founder of Ooooby published “A Call to Arms: In Defense of Our Food” on Huffington Post.  The article references Food Commons as an example of a pioneering organization with an ownership and governance model based on principles like fairness and transparency.  Learn more about Food Commons.

TCI is proud to support our innovative projects as they conserve and protect a sustainable and resilient world.  Learn more about all of TCI’s projects here.

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I knew a couple of other groups that were working with TCI, and had heard that TCI had a personal approach and experience working with government grants. We also wanted a fiscal sponsor where fiscal sponsorship is the primary focus so that we would be a priority.

Steve Schwartz, Executive Director, Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative